This years jury

  • Darrell Etzberger -chief judge
  • Jon Hotchner
  • Ron Lesher
  • Matt Kewiga
  • Mark Banchik

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Frame #Exhibit TitleFrames Exhibitor
1-5The Federal Inspection Stamps of Canada5
6Confederate Military Mail - Chattanooga 1862-18641
7-11The Prince and the Movie Star5
12The First Overprints of Ireland1
13-17Coach and Four - America's 1931 Christmas Seal5
18Singular Postal Cards1
19-20American Revenue Association2
21Uruguay Zeppelin Agency Cachets1
22-28Senegal : French Colonies Africa 1914-19407
29-38Lundy Island Local Issues10
39-48The Berlin Pneumatic Post (Rohrpost) 1876-194410
49-58US Civil War Documentary Stamp Taxes 1862-187210
59-68America's Embossed Revenue Stamped Paper / 1755-185610
69-72Examiner Markings Used in NYC, 1878-19024
The $200 Excise Tax for Compliance With the National Firearms Act of 1934
75Development of Special Delivery Service for Incoming Foreign Mail1
76-80St Louis Street Car Mail 1892-19155
British Television License Revenues: A Tax and its Curious Enforcement
The Evolution of Airmail Service between Bermuda and the US 1928-1939
88-90German Afrika Korps3
91-98A Penny Saved…... Coating Postal Cards for Reuse 1876-19028
99-103Foreign Volunteers in the German Wehrmacht during WW II5
104US $15 Mortgage Fiscal History1
105Queen Victoria's Federal Law Stamps of Canada1
106The American Phototype Two-Cent Instructive Clauses 1867-18721
107-114Early Rigid Airships: Count Zeppelin's Airships8
115-124Free to All- America's Public Libraries 1833 to 196010
Stamp Taxes in Nevada 1863-1873, A Geographical and Historical Analysis
135-144The Offspring of the Erie Canal: 1825-186210
145Twisted Caps - Twisted Mail1
Provisional Issues of South Vietnam and Their Use: 1963-19802
149The Stamps and Postal History of Ikaria1
150Franklin Delano Roosevelt - A Gifted Collector1
151The US 10 Cent Issues of 1861-68 in International Mail1
152The Last Hurrah of the Beer Stamp: The Series of 19471
153New York City Registered Labels, 1863-19111